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GJM Single(ST10392A-Red-Gold)

GJM Single(ST10392A-Red-Gold)

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    Iced Oversized Hip Hop Bullet Rubber Band Men's Watch, that shows your Lust for Life - GJM. Hip Hop Bling Watch with Simulated Diamonds on Watch Trim and Shiny Glitter on the Bezel of the watch makes this watch look elegant and luxurious.

    Eye-catcher on the dance floor, bar, or when just chillin'. Easy Reader Dial with Shiny Gold Roman Numerals on Elegant Watch Trim. Smooth Black Silicone Rubber-band measures 10" long. Stainless Steel Back Cover. Singapore Movement.

    Charles Raymond Iced Oversized Hip Hop Bullet Rubber Band Mens Watch, That Shows Your Lust for Life - GJM (ST10392A-Red-Gold)