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ST10327-3PC SLV Blu #R

ST10327-3PC SLV Blu #R

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    Men's Big Rocks Bezel - Dial with Roman Numerals Fully Iced Out Watch w/Cuban Chain Bracelet & Ring - ST10327-3PC SLV Blu #R

    Set Rappers Favorite Hip Hop Bling Bling Watch with Dope Bling Bling Cuban Bracelet and Bling'ed out King Ring Set - Case and Band on Watch, Cuban Bracelet and Ring Totally Iced. Shiny watches to fit your wardrobe and classy rapper jewelry. 

    Four corners of each side of case has Crystal Diamond Rhinestones standing out and drawing attention to this Timepiece. Easy Reader Roman Numbers on dial is full of Rhinestones and has elegant Silver blue hour, minute and second hands. Along with perfect iced out chains to add to the Glitz!