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L0504 BR 3pc Set

L0504 BR 3pc Set

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    Bling-ed Out Round Luxury Men's Watch w/Bling-ed Out Cuban Bracelet and Iced King Ring Set - L0504 BR 3pc Set - Hip Hop Bling Bling 9.5" Watch w/ 8.5" Cuban Bracelet and Iced Biggie King Ring in Gift Box.

    Fully Iced with Shiny Crystal Diamond look Rhinestones - You will look Hip Hop Fabulous with all the dripped ice!!Easy Reader Roman Numbers on dial is full of Rhinestones and has elegant Gold hour, minute and second hands.

    Four corners of each side of case has Crystal Diamond Rhinestones standing out and drawing attention to this Timepiece. Japan Movement Parts Assembled in Singapore - Stainless Steel Back