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ST10235DX/ST10381DX With Bracelet

ST10235DX/ST10381DX With Bracelet

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    Bling'ed Out King and Queen Hip Hop Watch Set Perfect for Power Couples!! To Flaunt On and Off The Dance Floor - ST10325/ST10364 His and Hers (ST10235DX/ST10381DX).

    Couples that wear matching watches together.....Stay Together!! Timepieces truly made into masterpieces. Luxury Hip Hop Fashion Analog Heavy Metal Band Mens Size 8.5" and Ladies Size 7.5" Watch with Matching 8.5" Bling'ed Out Gold Cuban Bracelet and 8" Bling'ed Out Gold 2 Row Tennis Bracelet.

    Watch Sets Include a Bling'ed Out Gold Cuban Bracelet for the King and a Bling'ed Out Gold Two Row Tennis Bracelet for the Queen. Perfect jewelry for the Royals to wear for any special occasion! You will make an empowered statement with these stunning pieces of jewelry. Show off your elite fashionable style through these magnificently designed wristwatches, both with iced out sides on the watch band. Elegant Rolly looks on your wrists.

    The uniqueness of our Oblong watch resonates mysterious elegance. Easy to read diamond rhinestones incased in gold serve as time indicators at every hour which facilitate reading time. All rhinestones are Lab Simulated Diamonds.

    All the designer details on this timepiece, give it a luxurious and rich style. Singapore Movement - Stainless Steel Back Cover - Gift Box Included.